Diamond Buying Advice for Shoppers on a Limited Budget

//Diamond Buying Advice for Shoppers on a Limited Budget

Diamond Buying Advice for Shoppers on a Limited Budget

Interested in buying diamond jewelry? Learn what you can do to save the most when it comes to buying diamonds! Get pro diamond buying advice for shoppers on a limited budget!

Buying diamonds on a budget might sound funny or daunting at first but if you have the right diamond buying tip, it can be really helpful. The choice of stunning diamonds to choose from online has made diamond prices and details realistic and fair.

According to IGS or International Gem Society, diamonds are not so rare – today, there are also lab created diamonds which are created and grown in special lab conditions and they tend to be 20-30% less expensive than natural diamonds.

Another thing that makes diamonds affordable is if you are introduced to the 4Cs or color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. The shape of a diamond can play a huge role when sticking to a specific budget, as well.

If you are interested in buying diamond jewelry, we have a few great tips for you to use when making the purchase of a lifetime:

  • The right diamond shape can save – There are a lot of first-time diamond purchasers who simply don’t know how the shape determines the price. You probably think that a diamond shape is the same as diamond’s cut. These two are completely different. A diamond’s shape refers to the silhouette of the stone while the cut is the stone’s facet arrangement. The round brilliant diamonds are the most popular among diamond buyers, however, we would like to recommend you to consider other shapes as well. For example, choosing an Asscher diamond over a Round diamond could save you up to 40%.
  • When it comes to price – clarity counts – The clarity rating is the number of blemishes and inclusions in and on a diamond – the blemishes are external while the inclusions are internal. The more blemishes and inclusions, the lower the grade. The grade automatically lowers the price and value.
  • Lighter carat weight – lower cost – One of the most important buying secrets to keep in mind – stop focusing on the carat weight. There are a lot of people who get hung up on the carat weight thinking it is an official statement of size, however, this is not totally accurate. The actual size of the diamond is usually determined by its measurements or the width and the length of the diamond.

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